Labor spent their final months in power recklessly committing projects without funding. 

The Minister for Transport and Main Roads will review this financial mess and provide a comprehensive list of unfunded projects promised by the former government.

Trevor Watts the member for Toowoomba North said Labor had played a cruel trick and tried to con the people of the Toowoomba and the Downs with talk of $96 million upgrade of the Warrego Highway.


“Despite the fact this $96 million never existed, there has also been a lack of proper planning for the Warrego Highway under Labor” Mr Watts said. 

“Any upgrade of the Warrego Highway needs to be a part of a broader plan taking into consideration proposed projects such as the Range Crossing bypass.” 

“That’s what planning and building better infrastructure means not simply announcing projects that had no funding attached to them,” he said.


The LNP Government will be working hard to improve the budget bottom line to cut waste and find the savings so we can deliver better roads and transport infrastructure.

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