I moved to Queensland in 1988 because because like so many so Australians who flocked to Queensland in the 70s and 80s. I saw opportunity in a state that was confident in where it was heading. A great place to raise a family enjoying all the life style advantages Queensland offers and plenty of business opportunities too.

Over the nearly 30 years since I made that decision I have seen successive Labor governments over tax, over spend, over regulate and over promise but always under deliver.  

I grew frustrated watching Labors Incompetent decisions increase my families cost of living. I was disappointed to see the state I love being out competed by southerners, and on the Darling Downs there was no infrastructure being built and opportunities for my children were draining away.

Each week at my Rotary Club we would hear from a different volunteer group struggling to meet the needs of people and families in my community.

In my business I spent ever increasing hours on a weekly basses dealing with Government Bureaucracy and over regulation, whilst writing ever bigger checks to government for fees charges and taxes.

So I lobbied politicians and argued with bureaucrats about the ridicules’ rules and regulations made by people who have never run a business or raised a family.

So why am I running because its time to get back the Queensland I love, Its time to get governments hand out of our pockets, Its time for a New direction one that respects the 

The family as the indispensable forum where children are raised,  

One where Government controls spending and debt and which does not impose an unfair burden on our children and Grand Children.

One where the worth and dignity of every individual is valued, the aged are respected and where there is a helping hand for the marginalized

Its time for a more effective and efficient government with its emphasis on facilitating the potential of people and communities not taxing and telling us how to run or lives.

Where effort is rewarded and property rights are respected.

Where we have a sustainable environment protecting our natural assets whilst allowing Queenslanders to flourish.

I can’t promise we will achieve it all straight away but I can promise I will fight to serve and represent my community to the best of my ability every day I have the privilege to be your Local Member.



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