A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will deliver a new plan for the arts in Queensland that improves pathways for the next generation of artists and content creators, boosts vital infrastructure and makes arts more accessible across the state.


The arts enriches the lives of all Queenslanders. They are a vibrant demonstration of our increasingly diverse society. The arts provides an outlet for countless people, improving social outcomes through engagement and expression. They also generate significant economic value, supporting employment across many sectors including tourism, health, education, media and information technology. 

Queensland has a vibrant arts culture, but a new strategic plan and new investment is needed for the sector. We need a plan that brings together government departments, arts organisations, artists, arts workers and content creators and identifies opportunities for the future. A plan that further builds a thriving arts community, looks to provide a stage for the next generation of artists, including in new media platforms, and delivers Arts Without Boundaries. 


The LNP has a record of identifying future opportunities in the arts sector. In government, the LNP set in place a five-year vision to grow the arts and cultural community. 

The 2014-2018 Arts for all Queensland Strategy identified four priorities to deliver a more vibrant arts sector, including: 

  • Returns on arts and cultural investment 
  • Strengthening commercial and entrepreneurial capacity 
  • Growing public value of arts and culture, and 
  • Strengthening cultural tourism. 

We also identified our vision for the Southbank Cultural Precinct through a master plan and set in place a new Arts and Cultural Investment Framework – which sought to slash red tape and create greater transparency. 

The LNP also has a record of encouraging and supporting regional arts, including establishing the Playing Queensland – Boost to Touring fund which tripled the number of people attending regional touring events. 


The LNP’s approach to the arts focuses on the core themes of: 

  • Employment: Encouraging artists and content creators to be innovators and have a career here in Queensland in their chosen sphere of creativity 
  • Funding: Supporting open and transparent funding processes and reporting 
  • Diversity: Expanding opportunities for people with different backgrounds and abilities, as well as embracing the future and new arts platforms, and 
  • Access: Ability for all Queenslanders to access the arts, no matter where they live. 

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will invest an additional $9 million into the arts sector. Key initiatives include: 

  • ArtsQ: The LNP will bring Queensland’s arts community together to chart a sustainable path forward for the sector. 
  • Regional Arts Infrastructure Fund: A $4 million fund available to regional arts and cultural organisations to improve facilities and boost cultural tourism offerings. 
  • Arts Education Fund: A $1.5 million fund available to community-based arts administrators and content creators looking to upskill and increase their professional development. This fund is focused on giving on-the-ground arts workers the skills they need to build their arts organization – whether it’s the local choral society or a regional film studio. 
  • Arts Access Fund: A $1.5 million fund to make arts more accessible for the next generation of performers and creators in regional Queensland. This fund is focused on young artists looking to start a career in the arts and giving them a pathway for professional development.
  • Animating Spaces: A $1 million fund to animate and activate forgotten spaces across Queensland with arts and cultural events. This fund not only creates an event for the region but also leaves a lasting legacy.
  • Globe Theatre Trial: The LNP will host a Globe Theatre Trial in Brisbane during the next term of government. Trials of Shakespeare’s famous theatre have literally popped up around the world including in New Zealand and most recently in Melbourne. 

These investments and delivering a new strategic plan for the sector will truly deliver Arts Without Boundaries in Queensland.