A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will invest in initiatives to promote inclusiveness and diversity of our state.


One of the greatest resources of our state is its inclusiveness. Queensland’s ability to work together to build stronger families and safe, liveable communities depends on the strengths of our diverse cultures and backgrounds.

More than 1 in 3 Queenslanders were born overseas or has at least one parent born overseas.

The Liberal National Party’s Inclusive Queensland policy is built on four principles.

Jobs and economic participation is the foundation of all of the LNP’s policies. The LNP is committed to creating jobs for all Queenslanders. Economic independence supports strong families and provides multicultural Queenslanders with the opportunity to achieve their goals and get ahead. Rewarding hard work and a pioneering spirit is a core focus of the LNP.

Education participation gives multicultural Queenslanders of all backgrounds the building blocks for meaningful work and is a key driver of the Queensland economy.

Community participation allows multicultural Queenslanders to benefit from our way of life, providing safe, liveable and inclusive communities.

Language independence allows multicultural Queenslanders to participate fully in our schools, workplaces and in their community.


A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will provide greater opportunities to celebrate families calling Queensland home. We will help our newest Queenslanders share their cultures and support initiatives which promote inclusiveness and community cohesion. 

Inclusive Queensland, Stronger Families Grants:

The LNP will provide $1.5 million over three years for the Inclusive Queensland, Stronger Families grants.

The Stronger Families grants will support projects and initiatives aimed at building social and community cohesion, sharing family values and welcoming new Queenslanders.

Initiatives should aim to support the four principles of our Inclusive Queensland policy:

  • Jobs and economic participation
  • Education participation
  • Community participation, and
  • Language independence.

Recipient projects could include initiatives aimed at encouraging youth sport participation in ethnic communities, family-oriented community activities, initiatives to help new Queensland families to learn more about our state (natural attractions, history, food, culture) and services to allow for both parents to work or to support school attendance and study.

Inclusive Queensland, Celebrating Together Grants:

The LNP will provide $3 million over three years for the Inclusive Queensland, Celebrating Together grants.

The Celebrating Together grants will fund initiatives that celebrate and promote our multicultural society, increase community awareness of the diversity of cultures and events which foster community cohesion.

From festivals and celebrations, to education and awareness events, the Celebrating Together grants will encourage Queenslanders to share their cultures.

Similar grants programs have provided funding to events such as Harmony Day celebrations, the Queensland Taiwan Festival, St Patrick’s Day Parade, Africa Day Festival, Paniyiri, India Day Fairs and Chinese New Year Celebrations in Cairns, Bundaberg, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Inclusive Queensland, Liveable Communities Grants:

The LNP will provide $1.5 million over three years for the Inclusive Queensland, Liveable Communities grants.

The Liveable Communities grants will provide funding to improve and develop multicultural precincts and shared community spaces in cities and towns around Queensland.

This can include historical cultural landmarks, education and tourist attractions and multicultural themed public spaces. Queensland is already proudly home to a number of multicultural and memorial precincts including Chinatowns in Brisbane, Cairns and the Gold Coast, South Sea Islander Memorial Walls in Buderim and Bundaberg, Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba, Townsville, Blackwater and Ipswich.

The Liveable Communities grants will enable cultural precincts to remain sustainable and attractive for investment and cultural and tourism activities, promoting greater use and access to our culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Funding will be capped at $100,000 for each project with opportunities for funding partnerships with councils and not-for-profit organisations.

Existing Initiatives

The LNP values the advice provided to government by members of our multicultural community and will retain the Multicultural Queensland Advisory Council.

An LNP Government will support the principles and aims of the Multicultural Recognition Act and Queensland Multicultural Policy.

The LNP supports the successful Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS) program and funding.