A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will increase investment in the crime fighting equipment, specialist weapons and technology that a modern police service needs.


Drug and violent crime is increasing and youth crime in North Queensland is out of control. Labor’s softly, softly approach is failing Queenslanders, doing nothing is not working. 

North Queensland has had to make do with a makeshift police helicopter and Labor have continually resisted the call for more resources, instead blaming residents for the increased crime rates. 

Our hard-working police are having to ride bicycles and catch public transport because of a severe shortage of police vehicles. To make matters worse, Labor’s then Police Minister tried to fudge the figures on how many new vehicles were part of the annual allocation. 

Labor failed to deliver $26 million of the crime fighting equipment it promised in 2016-17. This highlights Labor’s do-nothing approach and neglect of the crime fighting resources needed to keep Queenslanders safe. 


In government, not only did the LNP deliver 1,100 more police on the beat, we made sure they had the equipment they needed to keep Queenslanders safe. The LNP invested in world-class infrastructure supporting frontline officers, including modern stations and new vehicles to assist with patrol work. 

Our plan for safe communities delivered cutting-edge technology to our police, fire and emergency services staff including nearly 2,800 iPads which saved officers 30 minutes per shift. The LNP also delivered a state of the art digital Government Wireless Network to improve communications between emergency services. This $500 million Government Wireless Network, a major ICT infrastructure project, was delivered on time and on budget. 

As well, we delivered two dedicated police helicopters for southeast Queensland to support major crime investigations and allow safer police pursuits. 


A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will provide an additional $22 million as part of our Crime Fighting Equipment Fund so that our police have the tools they need to keep Queenslanders safe and provide safe and liveable communities. 

Our Crime Fighting Equipment Fund will provide: 

  • a dedicated police and emergency response helicopter for North Queensland, to be based in Townsville 
  • up to 120 additional police and specialist vehicles across Queensland 
  • police on the beat with 1,000 new body worn cameras, 1,000 new personal body armour vests and 1,000 new QLite iPads or iPhones 
  • $2 million investment in additional specialist training, including more firearms training 
  • the latest counter-terrorism weaponry for our specially trained counter-terrorism officers, and 
  • the establishment of an Australian first anti-drone squad. 

With drug and violent crime increasing, youth crime out of control in North Queensland and the bikie gangs revving back up again, our frontline police officers need more resources to fightback against crime, protect the community and also protect themselves. 

The Crime Fighting Equipment Fund is part of our comprehensive plan to provide safe and liveable communities, with tougher laws and better resources. 

Only the LNP will put community safety first in the fightback against crime as we Build a Better Queensland.