A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will put community safety first, by focusing on compliance and evidence based firearms policy with proper consultation.

There has been a number of significant issues raised in the last two and a half years about the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s handling of weapons policy issues which significantly undermine the rights of law abiding firearm owners in Queensland.

This includes the appalling lack of consultation (scrapping the Ministerial Weapons Advisory Panel), the inconsistent treatment of primary producers applying for or renewing category H licences and taking policy direction from the loony lefties.

At the same time Labor have treated licensed firearm owners like criminals, they have significantly watered down strong laws and strong penalties for criminal gangs who peddle drugs to our kids and trade in illegal weapons, money and extortion.

Labor’s priorities are completely wrong.


In government, the LNP had a strong record of recognising the rights of law abiding firearm owners, with an increased focus on criminality and non-compliance. We did this by: 

  • Re-enforcing proper consultation through the Ministerial Weapons Advisory Panel, ensuring that weapons policy is based on evidence and expert advice
  • Introducing mandatory sentencing for certain firearms offences
  • Allowing people with unregistered firearms to either register or surrender them, without penalty, with the first firearm amnesty in almost a decade
  • Establishing the Statewide Firearms Investigation Team, dedicated to investigating suspected unlawful trafficking, supply and possession of firearms, in conjunction with federal law enforcement agencies, and
  • Focusing on reducing red tape for licensed firearm owners who do the right thing.

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will respect the rights of law abiding firearm owners - people who do the right thing, with a focus on getting back to basics. We will do this by:

  1. Restoring proper consultation, through a properly constituted Ministerial Weapons Advisory Panel as a standing body, that will meet every three months and ensure policy decisions are informed by evidence and expert advice, not misinformation and media spin
  2. Improving screening processes, with real-time background checks by reforming the application and compliance process so that police can ensure there is a more rigorous system, with a focus on compliance not bureaucracy. This will be done by implementing a Licensed Instant Verification System (LIVS), with the reforms to be led by the Ministerial Weapons Advisory Panel as a priority
  3. Increasing penalties for gun crime and re-enforcing our approach to cracking down on criminal behaviour not Queenslanders who do the right thing, and
  4. Respecting the right of primary producers and landholders to apply for category H weapons licences and be fairly assessed. The current approach by Weapons Licensing Branch has provided great uncertainty and needs to change. The LNP has continued to raise examples of this issue in the media and the Parliament, where law abiding owners have had licences denied, for no good reason. 

Only the LNP has the experience, energy and track record of respecting law abiding firearm owners and ensuring that their rights are protected.

We’ll be a common sense government that listens, plans and acts to Build a Better Queensland.