Toowoomba North MP Trevor Watts would like you to sign a Petition.  Help him fight for a Griffiths Street Upgrade so that Harlaxton residents and small businesses are not disadvantaged.  




On the 25th August, the Toowoomba Regional Council's Community Consultation process will close for the proposed Griffiths Street Upgrade.  The upgrade is a necessary part of the Second Range Crossing project. 

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Toowoomba Regional Council plans to:

  1. Block off Dwyer Street
  2. Allow for left turn only out of Doyle Street
  3. No right turns into or or out of properties along Griffiths Street
  4. Roundabout at the intersection of Griffiths Street and Goombungee Road




1,000 signatures needed

 If you are a concerned Harlaxton resident, please sign the petition now!

This upgrade must allow


* Left and right entry and exit for all properties on Griffiths Street

* Easy access to Harlaxton for all residents

* Reduce congestion


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