LNP plans to slash red tape by 20 per cent

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will make it easier for businesses to get ahead by committing to a 20 per cent red tape reduction target over six years

Hard working businesses are being hamstrung by red tape and the LNP’s plan will ultimately lead to more jobs and less paperwork. 

To grow, employ more people and ultimately succeed, Queensland businesses need government to get out of the way and just let them get on with it. 

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has made it harder to do business by increasing red tape and regulation. 

Labor scrapped the LNP’s plan to reduce payroll taxes, they’ve increased regulations in the hospitality, plumbing and resources industries and slugged a new investment tax on the property industry. 

I personally ran a small business before entering politics so I have a real appreciation of the ups and downs of business. 

Unnecessary regulation, compliance paperwork and approval processes are costly and consume time. Both are a hit to the bottom line. 

That’s why we owe it to businesses, especially those many family-run small businesses, to turn this around. 

There are many hard-working local businesses here in Toowoomba and when we cut them a break and reduce their red tape burden, they can spend more time focused on creating jobs for more Queenslanders. 

The LNP is determined to build a better Queensland – and “vibrant businesses” are at the heart of the plan. 

The LNP is committed to leading a government that is better for Queensland. More government isn’t the answer to our problems – better government is.