A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will invest in a plan to deal with local vagrancy issues in Cairns, helping those in need while making the streets safe again.


Labor’s softly, softly approach is failing the people of Far North Queensland. Doing nothing is not working. 

Local vagrancy and petty street crime continues to plague Cairns and surrounding areas under Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor.

We have listened to the concerns from local residents and business owners, who are at their wits’ end with local itinerants causing disturbances, public nuisance and petty street crime. 

Recent Queensland Police crime statistics in Far North Queensland (Cairns and up to the Cape) indicate that under Labor:

  • There are 144 more assaults a year
  • Unlawful entry offences have increased by 450 in the last two years 
  • Car theft offences have increased by 321 in the last two years 
  • Trespassing and vagrancy offences are up by 30%, and 
  • Good order offences are up by 300.

What’s needed is a solution, through targeted intervention, that makes the streets safe again while helping those requiring additional support and assistance. 


In government, the LNP implemented the Cairns Crime Action Plan to tackle crime in the Far North, which saw violent crime such as assaults decrease. This included extra police resources and targeted action to deliver safer streets and safer families.

We also launched the Homelessness to Housing Plan in June 2013. This coordinated government strategy aimed to halve the rate of homelessness, overhaul the intake system and deliver more bricks and mortar accommodation options, including local shelters and additional wrap-around services.

As well, the LNP has invested $406 million in additional funding over five years to support children, young people and families requiring support, including prioritising the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. This record investment of public funding was in response to recommendations of the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Child Safety. Our investment was the largest-ever commitment of early support for vulnerable families.


A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will provide $1.5 million to develop a social benefit bond aimed at tackling local vagrancy issues and to help make the streets of Cairns safe again. 

Our plan will see government partnering with non-government organisations and equity firms to invest in local, targeted solutions that tackle anti-social incidents involving vagrants and itinerants in parks and public places.

We will work with the local community to establish real, measurable outcomes to reduce crime and to make safer and clean up the streets of Cairns.

This would include dealing with homelessness, mental health, drug and alcohol addiction and economic disadvantage through skills and employment options. 

Our goal is to reduce crime, deal with local homelessness issues and provide safer streets in Cairns for local residents, business owners and tourists.

This is part of our plan to provide safe and liveable communities and Build a Better Queensland.