As parliament starts this year, I want the people of Toowoomba North to know that I will be fighting for our community as I continue to serve and deliver for our region. 
Things like:
- Keeping on top of the Second range Crossing getting underway with more jobs and apprenticeships for locals
- Engaging in the conversation as the Wilsonton Campus seeks to separate from the Mount Lofty Campus to operate as a high school in it's own right, and for the Wilsonton Campus to get an Art and Sports Hall
- flashing safety lights for Rockville State School
- Making sure Stage 2 of HIghfields State Secondary College is delivered
- Making sure that the rail tunnels are delivered to our electorate

We need the jobs and the infrastructure in our region, so I will continue to do all I can to to make sure the government of the day has Toowoomba North high on their agenda.