We all know that school road safety is enhanced when a school zone has flashing lights to ensure divers know the School Speed Zone is active.

Ensuring children walking to school, getting in and out of cars and crossing roads near a school have the additional protection of School zone flashing lights is one way to provide our children with a safer environment.

The safety of students travelling to and from school is one of the most important issues for school communities. Queensland children are the future of our state, and it is imperative that we make school travel as safe as possible. The traffic environment around schools is one of the most complex traffic environments regularly encountered by children. Children are not always equipped with the skills to deal with environments like these, which increases the risk of road crash incidents. Today, more children are being driven to school than ever before.

The installation of flashing light school zone signs at schools has been shown to be beneficial. School road safety is a whole-of-community problem that requires whole-of-community awareness and commitment to addressing the issues. Improving the safety of school travel is dependent on the involvement and commitment of road and transport authorities, school communities, families, parent associations, educational authorities and police. For school road safety to be improved, it is vital that everyone works together. I encourage school communities to do everything they can to improve the safety of our children around the School road environment.

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Help fight for flashing lights at Mater Dei Primary School

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You are invited to have your say on the need for flashing lights at Mater Dei Primary School. Your support is needed to put pressure on the government to install flashing school lights to protect the local school community. To add your support please fill in your details below. Together we can build a safer and more liveable Community.

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