Media Statement from LNP Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart: Regional Queensland to pay more under Palaszczuk

“The independent Queensland Competition Authority, in a report released yesterday, has revealed people in Regional Queensland are paying between $250 and $750 more each year for electricity compared to southeast Queensland.

“Labor has ignored the advice from the independent Queensland Productivity Commission for the past 18 months that the government should de-regulate retail electricity markets in Regional Queensland. 

“Under Labor, Regional Queenslanders have missed out on the benefits of the reforms the LNP undertook in 2014 for southeast Queensland, which see households pay less for electricity through retail competition. 

“Labor doesn’t need another report or review, it needs to act now to deliver cheaper electricity prices for Regional Queenslanders. 

“Regional Queenslanders are being ripped off up to $750 each year and Annastacia Palaszczuk continues to do nothing about it.”


  • On 24 October 2017, Labor’s Energy Minister Mark Bailey directed the QCA to provide advice comparing electricity prices for residential customers in southeast Queensland (SEQ) with prices determined by the QCA for Regional Queensland. 
  • The report was released yesterday and is available here 
  • The report shows Regional Queenslanders are paying $250 to $750 more a year – which is the gap between the lowest market offer in SEQ and the notified prices in Regional Queensland. The range depends on how much electricity a household uses, typically people in Regional Queensland use more electricity because of the need for air-conditioning over summer. 
  • In May 2016, the independent Queensland Productivity Commission recommended Labor introduce competition in Regional Queensland (recommendation 30). Labor has not acted on this recommendation and it means regional Queenslanders are paying more. Final report available here