A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will provide up to 20,000 jobs for young Queenslanders, reduce the cost of working for young apprentices and incentivise businesses to train and retain young jobseekers. 

The LNP believes that the best way to provide security for families in Queensland is a job. Unemployment and deteriorating economic conditions lead to many other societal problems including escalating crime, increased substance abuse and mental health issues. 

The Problem

The greatest risk young Queenslanders face today is job insecurity.

The problem with Labor is that they are good at talking, but not doing. They promised to create jobs for Queenslanders, but all they have done is create additional bureaucracies which waste time and money and don’t achieve real outcomes. 

Instead of leading the way in job creation and job security, we are falling behind the other states. Debt continues to head towards $80 billion, youth unemployment in some parts of Queensland is over 20% and in 2016 business investment fell by 23% meaning less jobs.

Youth unemployment is only getting worse under Labor and Employment Minister Grace Grace said that it was ‘not new’ and there is ‘not much you can change’.

Labor’s softly, softly approach is failing Queenslanders. Doing nothing is not working and the economy is hurting. 

Our Record 

In government, the LNP made strong progress in providing real pathways to jobs for our kids. We increased funding for vocational education and training and we empowered industry so that we are training our young people for the high-quality jobs our economy needs.

While a lot was achieved, there is still a lot more to do and we need to build on that platform to Get Queensland Working.

Our Real Plan

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will implement our plan to Get Queensland Working , with targeted support for small businesses and workers that lead to jobs and opportunities for young Queenslanders. Our plan includes:

  1. Queensland Apprenticeship Boost
    Providing a $5000 incentive for Queensland businesses who take on a new apprentice from beginning to end. This boost will provide up to 10,000 new apprentices over four years. 
  2. Tools for Tradies
    $500 voucher for tradies who complete their apprenticeship to get the tools they need to get working. This will provide tools to 20,000 tradies over four years to help them get ahead. 
  3. Job Start Incentive
    $4000 grants over 12 months to assist small businesses with recruitment and start-up costs for eligible young Queenslanders (15-24) who are unemployed and not enrolled in full-time education or training. This will provide businesses incentives to employ up to 10,000 young Queenslanders over four years.
  4. Employment Bonus
    Thanks to the stewardship of the LNP, WorkCover Queensland is in a strong financial position. A bonus to encourage businesses who employ eligible participants under the Apprenticeship Boost and Job Start Incentive will be provided to further encourage businesses to train and retain young Queenslanders. After 12 months of continuous employment of each eligible participant, employers will have that workers’ wages excluded as part of the next year’s premium calculation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the participation rate increased under Labor and how does this impact young jobseekers?
No. Sadly, the participation rate has gone backwards under Annastacia Palaszczuk, by almost 4% in the first two years of the Labor Government. This means that the situation is so bad that more than 20,000 young jobseekers have simply given up looking for work.

Labor’s only jobs plan seems to be ex-political hacks or union bosses – or in the case of Environment Minister Steven Miles - his own job.

Have Labor created any new jobs for young Queenslanders?
No. In the first two years of the Palaszczuk Labor Government more than 10,000 young Queenslanders aged 15-24 lost their jobs, including almost 30,000 full time jobs.

Have Labor increased apprentice numbers in Queensland?
No. The National Centre for Vocational Education Research shows that for the first 12 months of the Palaszczuk Labor Government, there were 2600 less Queenslanders who started training and 7100 less Queenslanders who completed training compared to the same period in 2014 under the LNP.

How will the Queensland Apprenticeship Boost be administered?
This commitment is based on the premise that industry creates and provides jobs and opportunities for Queenslanders. Similar to the previous program in existence under the LNP, the Queensland Apprenticeship Boost will be administered through guidelines which provide the eligibility process for employers and the process of administering the program. 

What is the minimum number of hours of engagement for a young Queenslander under the Job Start Incentive?
The minimum number of engagement for a worker under this program is 15 hours per week.