A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will show leadership and ensure Queenslanders get a fair go at the petrol bowser.
The Problem

Filling up the family car is expensive. Petrol retailers try to get motorists in the door by promoting special offers and discounts – this makes it confusing to understand the true price of fuel.

Petrol is not like most products where you can return it to the shelf if the price was not what you thought. That’s why we need transparency around fuel prices.

That’s why the LNP has put forward a commonsense policy to make sure fuel retailers display the undiscounted price of the most popular petrol product at the top of the petrol price board.

After initially supporting the LNP’s policy, the Palaszczuk Labor Government referred the idea to a departmental review – like many decisions this donothing Labor Government has delayed.

While Labor delays the LNP will take action to protect Queensland motorists from being gouged by profiteering petrol stations.

Our Record

In government, the LNP has a strong track record of listening then acting to provide cost of living relief for motorists. In 2012 we froze car registration on the family car for our term of government. By contrast, the Palaszczuk Labor Government has increased car rego by twice the inflation rate – two years in a row!

The LNP has committed to keeping any registration increases under the next term of an LNP Government capped at the inflation rate.

Our Real Plan

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will make sure motorists know the true cost of filling up the family car and don’t get a shock at the bowser.

Retailers will still be able to promote discounts and special offers – our policy ensures there is transparency around the undiscounted price.

Motoring advocates, including the RACQ, have been supportive of this approach as it allows motorists to make informed choices and true price comparisons. The New South Wales Government has also implemented a similar policy.

The LNP has adopted this common-sense policy to give Queensland drivers confidence in buying fuel and saving money.

The LNP is standing up for Queensland motorists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for drivers?
The LNP’s policy means that drivers will have confidence in knowing the top price advertised is the true cost of fuel, before any discounts or promotions are added.

This will ensure motorists aren’t caught out buying fuel when they aren’t eligible for the promotion or discount.

Will I still be able to use my discount vouchers?
You will still be able to take advantage of various retailers’ discount offers – this policy means that the top advertised fuel is the undiscounted price so you can make a true comparison.