Minister for Police and Community Safety
The Honourable Jack Dempsey

Police Minister congratulates road users for no fatalities on Fatality Free Friday

Minister for Police and Community Safety Jack Dempsey and the Queensland Police Service (QPS) would like to thank all motorists for driving safely on our roads yesterday which resulted in no road deaths during 2012 Fatality Free Friday.
Mr Dempsey was pleased to hear the news and said the 2012 Fatality Free Friday campaign had proven to be an important event in the fight to reduce Queensland’s road toll.

“This just proves that by taking the Fatality Free Friday Pledge to promise to drive safely on our roads and take the time to think about our actions we can save lives,” Mr Dempsey said.

“Every year approximately 1,400 people are killed on Australian roads and the 2012 road toll still stands at 108 today, which is 13 more than the same time last year.

“I commend motorists for taking the Fatality Free Friday Pledge to drive safely yesterday but I urge them to continue this behavior and obey the road rules.
< br>”Whether it is sticking to the speed limit, not drink driving, wearing a seatbelt, not talking on your mobile phone or having adequate rest breaks, these choices can make a significant difference.

“We need to make sure we look out for our family and friends when driving on the road.

“The 2012 Fatality Free Friday event was a timely reminder for all of us to consider the choices we make on our roads.”