A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will implement a five-point plan to make sure Queensland gets its fair share of renewable energy investment.

An economy can’t grow while weighed down by high costs and one of the biggest costs is electricity. We’ll make sure Queensland’s energy security is not put at risk and that we don’t end up like South Australia with blackouts and industry shutting up shop. Labor’s extreme 50 per cent renewable energy target in Queensland will mean higher prices and we won’t stand for it.

The Palaszczuk Government-commissioned Queensland Productivity Commission Report into Electricity Pricing found Labor’s 50 per cent renewable energy policy means: 

  • Queensland families will pay $317 million more for electricity
  • Businesses will pay $221 million more and industry will pay $746 million more for electricity
  • Queensland power stations will lose $6.2 billion
  • Queenslanders will be subsidising electricity prices in other states
  • Queensland’s economy will shrink, and
  • Taxpayers will fund $18 billion in subsidies. 

The independent Australian Bureau of Statistics found that in the first 12 months of Labor’s extreme 50 per cent renewable energy target, 530 Queenslanders or almost 1 in 3 employed in the solar industry lost their jobs. It shows Labor’s policy will only serve to drive up prices and put jobs at risk.

Under Labor, Queenslanders currently pay more for “green” energy schemes than any other state yet we have the lowest amount of renewable energy.


In government, the LNP:

  • Froze the household electricity Tariff 11 for one year, saving an average household $120
  • Opposed the Carbon Tax, saving an average Queensland household $170 a year
  • Reduced wasteful expenditure on network infrastructure – which would have increased electricity prices – by $7 billion
  • Closed Labor’s unfair Solar Bonus Scheme, which was expected to cost Queenslanders around $3.4 billion by 2028
  • Maintained the Uniform Tariff Policy to ensure regional Queenslanders didn’t pay more than people in the south-east for electricity
  • Capped price increases on obsolete and transitional tariffs at 10 per cent to support Queensland farmers and businesses, and
  • Exposed Labor’s secret plan for Government network businesses to jack up prices, which would have resulted in higher power bills for families, businesses and industry.

In Opposition, the LNP has:

  • Scrutinised Labor’s extreme renewable energy policy that will cost Queenslanders more than $18 billion
  • Pressured Labor to stop Ergon and Energex appealing the pricing decision from the Australian Energy Regulator, which would have driven up electricity prices for families, businesses and industry
  • Opposed Labor’s secret Fossil Fuel Levy or new state-based Carbon Tax, and
  • Opposed Labor’s changes to vegetation management laws, which would have increased electricity costs.

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will implement a five-point plan to power renewable energy. 

The LNP’s five-point plan to Power Renewable Energy will:

  1. Through a Resources and Energy Cabinet Committee, develop an efficient regulatory framework to encourage renewable investment in Queensland. Queensland needs a world-class regulatory framework to secure further investment in renewable energy. At the moment, Queensland has the lowest level of large-scale renewable energy capacity in the National Energy Market.   
  2. Set up a one-stop shop to facilitate approvals for renewable energy projects. The $380 million Mount Emerald wind farm, in the Atherton Tablelands, took four years to obtain project approvals from the Local, State and Federal Governments. The Coordinator-General will be empowered to overcome any unreasonable delays in obtaining project approvals.
  3. Investigate and monitor network linkages to the National Energy Market to ensure renewable energy projects in Queensland have access to the National Energy Market and will protect Queenslanders from excessive volatility in wholesale electricity prices.
  4. Maintain energy security by constantly monitoring intermittent generation for any threat to reliability of supply for Queenslanders.
  5. Support the National Renewable Energy target that will see more than 23 per cent of Australia’s electricity generated from renewable energy by 2020.

Unlike Labor, the LNP’s Real Plan:

  • Does not require any government subsidies
  • Does not increase the price of electricity
  • Will support additional jobs and investment in Queensland’s renewal energy industry, and
  • Will maintain a reliable and secure energy supply to Queensland.

We will make sure Queensland’s energy security is not put at risk so we don’t end up like South Australia with blackouts and industry shutting up shop.    

The LNP’s energy policy will deliver affordable and reliable electricity.