A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will deliver an Australian first in Queensland – a world class Academy of Sciences at South Bank.

Queensland is Australia’s most decentralised state, yet Brisbane remains its primary tourist destination. Since the creation of South Bank Corporation in 1989, following Expo 1988, tourist facilities and local amenities have been continually expanding on the South Bank peninsula.

Tourism remains a key driver of the Queensland economy. For too long, governments have relied on one or two sectors, which works in the good times, but not when those sectors experience a downturn.

The latest Tourism Research Australia data shows that international visitor nights in Queensland have gone backwards in the last year under Labor – that is, more international visitors are coming here but they aren’t staying as long as previously. Tourists need more to do and see. 

Queensland is falling behind other states because the do-nothing Palaszczuk Labor Government doesn’t have a plan to ensure we capitalise on the low Australian dollar.


Queensland has a long and proud track record of investing in science and science-based industries to drive innovation and establish centres of excellence to help sustain life, the environment and the planet.

In science and technology, the LNP’s priority has always been better government – not more government – with government as the enabler, unlocking our potential as an innovation state.

The former LNP Government launched the Science and Innovation Action Plan, our plan to turn great ideas into great opportunities through creativity, productivity and knowledge.We also heavily invested in medical research, tropical health, the environment and early detection of dementia at the Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research.

We focused on rebuilding Queensland’s capability through industry partnerships and scientific leadership.


A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will deliver an Australian-first Academy of Sciences built at South Bank – the Queensland Academy of Sciences. 

The Academy could house a world-class natural history museum to complement the existing Queensland Museum, an aquarium in conjunction with living science displays, a new stand-alone Science Centre, as well as cutting-edge research and educational facilities. 

The Academy of Sciences will partner with our universities to ensure it is a world-class educational institution and research facility. It would be used for professional development, school trips, functions and many more activities depending on design. Special resources would be made available for those involved in distance education as well.

Within the LNP’s first 100 days in office, we will release a request for proposals to kick off a local and international design competition. The design competition will ensure the “living building” captures the history of Australia, Brisbane and South Bank but also the natural elements of Queensland life and the capacity to deliver important research programs, sustainability and conservation work.

A business case for the project will also be delivered after the design competition. This allows for further development of the displays and central features to be established and incorporated from the design phase into the business case.

The Academy will partner with our existing science and historical museums to inspire the next generation of children to be active contributors to science. The Queensland Academy of Sciences will be a landmark institution that Queenslanders can proudly call their own for generations to come.