A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will reinstate the flagship Royalties for Regions program to boost jobs and help regional communities meet critical infrastructure needs.

The LNP’s commitment to restore Royalties for Regions will help unlock the economic potential of regional Queensland to improve our communities and build a better Queensland.

The Problem

Queensland infrastructure investment has stagnated under a Labor Government stuck in neutral. Over a four year period capital spending has been slashed by $3 billion, with regional communities particularly feeling the brunt of this cutback.

Labor abolished the previous Royalties for the Regions program, demonstrating a lack of commitment to regional development. For over two years the Palaszczuk Labor Government has failed to act while our regions deal with significant economic challenges. Youth unemployment in large parts of regional Queensland is more than 20 per cent.

Our Record

In 2012, realising regional Queensland had been denied the infrastructure investment it desperately needed to keep up with growth and provide jobs, the LNP announced the flagship Royalties for the Regions program.

Between 2012 and 2015 Royalties for the Regions invested in 147 regional community infrastructure, road and flood mitigation projects with a combined value of more than $790 million.

While designed to be flexible and responsive to emerging local government and regional development priorities, the program was particularly targeted at helping communities to better manage the impacts of resources sector development.

Our Real Plan

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will reinstate the new $500 million Royalties for Regions program to ensure our regional communities can once again share in the benefits of the wealth they create.

The upgraded Royalties for Regions fund will focus on projects that:

  • Foster job creation in rural and regional Queensland
  • Lead to more investment in the regions, and
  • Help rural and regional communities become economically sustainable.

Under this new scheme, local governments and stakeholder groups will be encouraged to submit their projects.

All projects will need to demonstrate community support and benefits, ongoing viability, value for money and improvements to community infrastructure.

Through Royalties for Regions , the LNP will provide liveable communities and build the roads, bridges and dams we need.

  • $19.4 million floodway at Blakey’s Crossing in Townsville
  • $26 million upgrade of the Scrub Hill Road, Wide Bay Drive and Burrum Heads Road intersection on the Fraser Coast
  • $15.7 million levee embankment to better protect Roma from floods
  • $2.6 million Redlynch Road Connection project in Cairns
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Royalties for Regions ?
Royalties for Regions is our flagship program designed to invest in new and improved community infrastructure, roads and floodplain security projects to benefit people living, working and investing in Queensland’s regions.

Royalties for Regions is a competitive grants program that provides support for regional communities to help deliver infrastructure projects that address identified local needs and build regional communities.

How will it be different to the original Royalties for the Regions program?
Previously Royalties for Regions was open to all local councils in regional Queensland. The program is now being extended to stakeholder groups in those regions. For the purposes of the program, regional Queensland comprises all local government areas outside of South East Queensland.

Applications will now be considered in a clear, two stage process (see below).

All Royalties for Regions projects will also now be subject to Cabinet consideration, reflecting the importance of these critical infrastructure projects.

How will the application process work?
The application process is also being improved, with a clear, two-stage process:

  • Expression of interest (EOI) – information required will focus on project eligibility, demand or need for the project, and its strategic merit; and
  • Detailed assessment – detailed project information will be required including project costs, deliverability, risk management and the financial case.

Councils will now only have to develop business cases and detailed plans after they are successful in the EOI phase.

Under this new scheme, stakeholder groups will now be encouraged to submit proposals. Recognising these groups may not have the resources to properly prepare detailed business cases, we will provide support to proposals successful in stage one to help projects progress through stage two.

How will the final assessment process work?
The Minister will bring forward the final list of projects eligible for funding in each round of the program for Cabinet consideration. This will enhance decision making and ensure critical infrastructure projects are given the attention and consideration they deserve.

How will the Government assess effectiveness of the program?
An LNP Government will publish an annual evaluation report on each Royalties for Regions round.