Tim Nicholls and the LNP will introduce laws to stop dodgy tow truck companies from ripping off motorists.

There are no laws which stop motorists from being ripped off when towed from private property. Unfortunately, some tow truck operators are exploiting this loophole to charge exorbitant towing fees of more than $600 and punitive storage fees, with no limits on how far they can tow your car.

Motorists are being duped into parking in empty lots, usually with very poor signage – only to be towed away minutes after they leave their vehicle. The uncapped fees mean tow operators can pay spotters to instantly identify cars parked on private property and in some cases use other cars to “bait” unsuspecting motorists.

Motorists have experienced intimidating, thuggish behaviour from some bad eggs in the industry while the Palaszczuk Labor Government does nothing except for ordering another review.


In government, the LNP acted to weed out bad characters in the tow truck industry. Our strong criminal gang laws specifically targeted the tow truck industry to prevent criminal gang members from working in the industry.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government wound back these laws with no real alternative.


Tim Nicholls and the LNP have listened to concerned motorists, planned and will act. The LNP will introduce laws into Parliament to stop dodgy tow truck companies from ripping off motorists. Our laws will:

  • Introduce a cap on fees that can be charged by tow truck companies
  • Restrict how far away your car can be towed without your consent
  • Ensure appropriate signage is in place at private car parks
  • Allow complaints against a person or company to be considered when deciding to grant a tow truck licence, and
  • Make sure there is a proper complaints management process for motorists, with published annual statistics from the Government.

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will also re-introduce measures to prevent criminal gang members from being granted a tow truck licence in the next term of Parliament.

The framework our laws create will give the Minister the ability to set regulations which restrict how far your car can be towed from a private car park and set a cap on the fees that tow companies can charge. This power already exists for cars towed from road crashes.

To ensure motorists aren’t being tricked into getting towed from car parks, our laws make the owners and operators of a car park responsible for making sure there is adequate signage outlining the parking requirements.

Our laws will also strengthen the scrutiny on the issuing of tow truck licences by enabling the Department of Transport and Main Roads to consider complaints made against tow truck companies and individuals. The Department will be required to set up processes for motorists to make complaints about dodgy tow truck operators.