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Hello Mr. Watts.

My wife and I would like you to know that we are supporting you in prayer with friends to stand against the killing of Queenslanders while still in the womb. Thank you for your efforts to protect the yet to be born and helpless. Regards, Hal and Debbie

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Are you on Adanis payroll?

I wonder? Will you stand up and put a stop to this corruption?

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Toowoomba too brisbane fast rail link.

Toowoomba needs a trian or express bus too connect to the brisbane and SEQ Public transportation network. With the inland rail project going well, the plans can see that it will not be a costly or longterm project to connect the existing rail to the inland rail project. I can see that the new tunnel will pass close to the line that connects directly into toowoomba train station. With the wellcamp airport finished other major projects under construction and many more to come, it would be in the states and country's best to invest. And the least toowoomba should have a express translink bus from toowoomba city to dinmore station regularly daily. So many toowoomba people have go card and drive to rosewood or dinmore every day.

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Bus Interchange Upgrades

Hello Mr Watts, I think Toowoomba would be a greater place if our local council would spend some money upgrading the toilet facilities at the Toowoomba Bus Interchange. For some of our visitors, the first thing they see are outdated facilities with damaged stalls. I believe we need better facilities for our traveling companions.

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