A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will implement a targeted, comprehensive plan, which complements the National Ice Action Plan, to tackle this issue and take ice off our streets.
The Problem

Ice use in regional and remote communities has increased alarmingly in recent years. The demand for illicit drugs and the potential profits from supplying them has made Queensland an attractive market for criminal gangs. 

Our Record 

The LNP has a solid record of tackling drug use in Queensland, through law and order, measures such as policing and stronger penalties for offenders, and addiction treatment services that work. In government, the LNP:

  • Recruited an additional 1100 new police for over four years 
  • Implemented strong criminal law reforms, including:
  • Introduced new drug trafficking declarations aimed at stripping convicted drug traffickers of their assets
  • Introduced a new offence of trafficking substances used to manufacture dangerous drugs
  • Passed new laws requiring drug traffickers to serve a mandatory minimum 80% of their sentence
  • Ensured laws kept pace with developments in the manufacture and supply of dangerous drugs, and
  • Increased the maximum penalty for supplying a dangerous drug to a child under 16 years.
  • Tackled criminal gangs head on through Taskforce Maxima, extra resources for the Crime and Corruption Commission and the LNP’s tough-on-crime criminal gang laws.
  • Provided $3.4 million for a Queensland Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative and $5.5 million targeted at helping at-risk population groups including young rural and remote Queenslanders.

The LNP’s action resulted in dramatically reduced crime rates across Queensland. 

Our Real Plan 

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will implement a comprehensive, five-point action plan to take ice off our streets through crime prevention, drug addiction services and strong enforcement:

  1. Dob in a Dealer
    $1 million to encourage the community to report information to Crime Stoppers Queensland. 
  2. Keeping Bikie Clubhouses Closed
    Only the LNP has the proven track record of closing down criminal bikie gang clubhouses. 
  3. Drug Addiction Services
    Working with the Federal Government to deliver additional treatment services, particularly for rural and remote Queensland communities and ensuring targeted support through Queensland Health initiatives. 
  4. Law Enforcement Co-Operation
    Ensuring our state and commonwealth law enforcement agencies work together and tackle ice supply and distribution across Queensland.
  5. Increased Prevention
    Through community awareness programs targeting high-risk Queenslanders. 

There is widespread evidence of the escalation of this issue and the need for a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach. Rather than endless reviews and more discussion like we have seen from Annastacia Palaszczuk, strong action is needed now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the link between Organised Crime and drugs in Queensland?

The Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry reported police intelligence revealed that 76 per cent of identified organised crime networks are involved in the illicit drug market, with 51 per cent linked to methylamphetamine. 

It also found that the growth in use of crystal methylamphetamine (ice) has dramatically increased in Queensland and that this increased use has resulted in fatalities, is associated with violence and is highly addictive.

Has the Dob in a Dealer campaign been a success before?

Yes. In just the first few months of a similar program funded by the Commonwealth Government, Crime Stoppers received 2135 reports and 185 offenders were arrested on 644 charges. 

How will the LNP increase prevention?

We will partner with sporting bodies, at a local, state and national level to target the at-risk demographics such as males aged 25-40 and remote indigenous communities.

Why is it important for state and commonwealth law enforcement agencies to work together? 

Many of the organised crime rings that manufacture illicit drugs operate across state and international borders. Strong co-operation between state and federal law enforcement agencies is the only way to ensure that a comprehensive stop, search and detain regime is in place and the best way to stop illicit drugs being peddled to our kids.

Why is it important to keep bikie clubhouses closed? 

The LNP implemented a strong plan to tackle criminal gangs, which closed 41 criminal bikie gang clubhouses overnight. We acted because of Labor’s failed Criminal Organisation Act 2009 which resulted in NO gangs being declared. Labor also can’t guarantee that under their plan to weaken the criminal gang laws, bikie clubhouses will stay closed. 

Bikie clubhouses are a key component in the distribution network of illegal drugs such as ice.