A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will restore confidence to the personalised transport industry – taxis and ridesharing – by appointing an Independent Commissioner and giving the industry a real seat at the table.

After listening to passengers, drivers, owners and operators, the LNP believes the government’s efforts with the personalised transport industry should be refocused to stand up for the industry.

The LNP will listen, plan and act for passengers and the industry, to fix Labor’s mess. 

Our Real Plan

The Independent Commissioner

A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will establish a statutory Personalised Transport Commissioner and consolidate all personalised transport functions within the Department of Transport and Main Roads into a new Office of Personalised Transport.

The new commissioner will be appointed in consultation with the personalised transport industry and the independent role will be specified in legislation.

The new statutory Personalised Transport Commissioner will:

  • be responsible for the licensing and registration of vehicles, drivers and operators within the personalised transport industry and ensure proper affiliation and co-ordination between these parties
  • liaise closely with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) to set Compulsory Third Party insurance premiums for personalised transport vehicles and be able to review personalised transport vehicle classes with MAIC
  • recommend safety standards and regulatory changes to the Minister, including in relation to safety cameras and vehicle identification
  • advise the Minister on the future of the personalised transport industry
  • advise the Minister on opportunities to reduce the regulatory burden on all industry participants to ease the pressure on fares 
  • be responsible for independently endorsing legislative changes to the industry and consulting on draft changes
  • direct transport officer enforcement of personalised transport regulations
  • be required to publish an annual report of official activities, and
  • facilitate and improve integration with the public transport network.

The Commissioner will act as an ombudsman for the industry and a source of independent advice for the Minister.

The Ministerial Council

To ensure industry voices are always heard by the Government, the LNP will establish a Personalised Transport Ministerial Council, consisting of the Minister, Commissioner, industry and stakeholders.


This will give industry a regular opportunity to raise issues with the Minister and contribute to future direction of policy.

  • safe transport for passengers
  • reduced red tape for cheaper fares
  • respect for owners, operators and drivers and a fair playing field
  • certainty and stability for businesses


So what’s happened with the taxi industry?

Labor has hurt the taxi and limousine industry in Queensland, causing more uncertainty and an uneven playing field.

Passengers, drivers, owners and operators deserve more than thought bubbles.

After spending more than a year sitting on their hands then launching another review, the Queensland Labor Government announced a “position” with no details and no consultation.

The Government has drip-fed their initial changes through regulations (which MPs don’t get to vote on) and laws with no real detail.

LNP MPs have fought for a fairer playing-field, already forcing the Government to strike out changes which compromise safety.

Only the LNP has scrutinised the Palaszczuk Labor Government - taking a stand to ensure other sensible, safe and fair rules were either maintained or introduced.