Watts has a vision and a plan to address the Highfields and Toowoomba road connectivity issue

I am thrilled to announce today that an LNP Government would invest $500,000 to undertake a Boundary Street North to Highfields Road Corridor comprehensive study and business case.

This project will provide safer and more efficient movements between local residential growth area and business centres. 

This business case will look at ways to mitigate traffic congestion for the Toowoomba CBD, Toowoomba Enterprise Hub and Wellcamp Airport, and state and national transport networks, including the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing. 

As your local LNP Member, I was proud to be able to deliver the Second Range Crossing, and this commitment is another example of the way the LNP is getting Toowoomba moving. 

The LNP has a vision and a plan to address the connectivity needs for all Highfields and northern residents travelling into the city, with the Boundary Street North Development road network providing a secondary access for all motorists. 

The main objective of this business case is to formulate a long-term plan to secure appropriate land for a corridor to accommodate the future infrastructure needs of Toowoomba. 

As your local LNP Member I am working hard on your behalf to deliver the local infrastructure we need to build a safer and a better-connected Toowoomba North.

Getting the Boundary Street North Development business case underway is all part of our plan to Build a Better Queensland by Building a Better Toowoomba North.