$2 billion hospital funding hoax

The State Government’s “$2 Billion Hospital Building Fund” is a hoax.

There is no money for the “fund” in the budget.

If it’s not in the budget, it doesn’t exist.

The State Government is merely trying to rebadge run-of-the-mill spending and
sell it as a solution.

Sadly, this means no new money is being allocated to fix Queensland’s Health
Crisis and more Queenslanders will be stuck on ambulance ramps and waiting
longer for surgeries.

“Labor is losing control of the health system and now I fear it’s only going to get
worse,” Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said.

“When honest Queenslanders call for an ambulance that never arrives, they will
remember this pretend fund that didn’t add one new dollar or idea to fixing the
Queensland Health Crisis,” Ms Bates said.

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