A wasted opportunity

The State Government’s organics “strategy” is a missed opportunity to reform our waste system. 

The announcement is too little, too late.

There is no specific funding attached to this new plan to dramatically cut Queensland’s organic waste.

It’s almost a year overdue and many of the targets it includes are conveniently after the next election.

It is yet another example of the State Government caring about how things look instead of how they are when it comes to our environment.

FOGO (food organic, garden organic) waste makes up around half of all the rubbish that goes into landfill from residential sources.

While the Minister talks about having a FOGO “plan”, Queenslanders will have FOMO compared to the huge, tangible action being taken in other states.

Other states have stumped up significant amounts of funding and policy certainty for industry, so why is Queensland being left behind?

We need more specific support for local governments and industry if we’re going to reduce organic waste and achieve meaningful change for our environment.

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