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LNP Announces Adult Crime, Adult Time Plan for Youth Crime Reform

The LNP released a major policy under our Making our Community Safer plan, introducing the “Adult Crime, Adult Time” initiative. This policy ensures youth offenders who commit serious crimes will face adult sentences, restoring accountability and consequences for actions.

Under this new policy, youth offenders can receive the same sentences as adults for serious crimes such as:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Serious harm, including wounding
  • Home and business break-ins and robbery
  • Stealing cars and dangerous operation of vehicles

This policy is part of the LNP’s broader efforts to reform Queensland’s Youth Justice Act, which will also include removing “detention as a last resort” and prioritising the rights of victims over offenders. LNP Leader David Crisafulli emphasised the “Adult Crime, Adult Time” policy will send a strong message to youth offenders and help reduce serious crime in our communities.

Staying on Track Program

Additionally, the LNP has announced a $175 million “Staying on Track” program, designed to stop the cycle of repeat youth offending. This 12-month intensive rehabilitation program will support young people transitioning from detention back into the community, providing them with the necessary tools and guidance to build a productive future.

Key components of the Staying on Track program include:

  • 12 months of post-release support tailored to the individual’s needs, focusing on education, employment, and community reintegration.
  • Intensive supervision for at least six months following release.
  • Personalised plans include schooling, TAFE, driving lessons, professional mentoring, volunteering, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Queensland currently faces the highest rate of youth recidivism in Australia, with 91% of young people returning to detention within a year. The Staying on Track program aims to break this cycle by offering meaningful rehabilitation and support.

LNP’s Comprehensive Approach to Youth Crime

The LNP’s Making Our Community Safer plan also includes:

  • Delivering gold standard intervention programs to divert young people from crime.
  • Putting victims at the forefront of youth justice with better rights and support.
  • Providing automatic updates to victims about their cases.
  • Reopening the Children’s Court to allow greater media scrutiny and victim participation.
  • Fixing broken residential care and child safety systems to stop the pipeline into youth crime.

These policies reflect the LNP’s commitment to making our communities safer ensuring youth offenders face appropriate consequences while receiving the support needed to turn their lives around.

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