CFMEU’s credit card charges

Statement from Shadow Industrial Relations Minister Jarrod Bleijie:

“Once again we are seeing the lawless CMFEU treating its hard-working members with disdain while union bosses live the high life.
“CFMEU members have every right to know how union bosses racked up $721,116 of their money on union credit cards.
“An independent report of CFMEU’s credit card charges couldn’t even determine whether the charges were business related.
“Who knows – maybe some money went towards sprucing up the home of one of the union bosses like we have seen happen in the past.
“It is little wonder Annastacia Palaszczuk trashed the state’s industrial relations laws to ensure union bosses no longer had to disclose their credit card expenses and statements.
“Annastacia Palaszczuk is only interested in one thing – protecting the union bosses that keep her in power and stuff hard-working Queenslanders.
“You have to wonder why the union bosses are so desperate to hide this information from their members and why Labor continually run a protection racket for their pay masters.”

State News

Callide Scandal lays at Labor’s feet

At the end of the day, the Callide scandal lays squarely at Labor’s feet.
CS Energy couldn’t do the maintenance required because Labor’s Ministers blocked the money to do it.

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