Crime skyrockets in Toowoomba

Shocking statistics expose the crime wave as State Government sits on its hands. Horrifying statistics show Toowoomba is being rocked by out-of-control crime.

New analysis reveals the number of crimes committed in Toowoomba have soared over the past year. 

Official figures show break and enters have skyrocketed 67% and stolen cars are up 78% from the same time last year.

Over the past month alone, six break and enters occurred and at least two cars were stolen every day.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the disturbing figures proved the State Government was losing control of crime.

“These thugs are running rampant and destroying lives and businesses every day while the State Government sits on its hands,” he said.

“Labor has failed to get youth crime under control, failed to protect our community and failed to do the right thing by our children.

“Toowoomba is a beautiful city that has been hijacked by young thugs who are laughing at Labor’s soft laws.

“It’s frightening.

“The people of Toowoomba deserve so much better than this.”

The Member for Toowoomba North Trever Watts has been calling for systemic change to the judicial system and proper resourcing of the police force.

” The Palaszczuk Government can’t keep putting its head in the sand, we must see the implementation of meaningful early intervention.

“Wrap around services to support offenders when they are released from custody, to decrease recidivism and the funding provided to Toowoomba Region’s Police Services be reviewed, to ensure there is an adequate number of Police officers and resources to handle the increase in crime.

“We will continue to advocate for breach of bail restored as an offence. Bail is a privilege, not a right, and that any breach of an offender’s bail conditions is an illustration of a lack of respect for their community.

“Recidivist Offenders are more effectively dealt with by the justice system, to ensure the community is not repeatedly victimised. Ensuring the courts are appropriately resourced, to guarantee sentencing is effective, timely and reeducation processes are available.”

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki said the LNP has repeatedly called on the State Government to introduce breach of bail as an offence for young offenders.

“If breach of bail was an offence and a young offender broke any one of their bail conditions, the system would be able to intervene early,” he said.

“The State Government must strengthen our laws to get these young offenders off the streets of Toowoomba.

“If the government doesn’t act now, it’s only going to get worse.”

“Queensland’s crime crisis is real.

“It cannot be ignored.

“It’s time for the Premier and the Government she leads, to start listening to the people of Toowoomba and find solutions now.”

19 March–18 April 2022

Unlawful Use Motor Vehicle

76 cars stolen (2+ per day)

Unlawful Entry

204 offences (6+ per day)

Current financial year to date compared with the same period last financial year

Unlawful Use Motor Vehicle

Jul 20 to Mar 21277
Jul 21 to Mar 22493
Increase/DecreaseUP 78%

Unlawful entry

Jul 20 to Mar 21643
Jul 21 to Mar 221075
Increase/DecreaseUP 67%

Vehicles (Steal from/enter with intent)

Jul 20 to Mar 21488
Jul 21 to Mar 22714
Increase/DecreaseUP 46%

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