Damning Carbon Tax Confession by Gillard Advisor

Minister for Energy and Water Supply
The Honourable Mark McArdle

Damning Carbon Tax Confession by Gillard Advisor

Queensland Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle said today a damning admission by a key Federal Government energy advisor revealed the carbon tax was already damaging Australia’s energy future and it had an “uncertain” future as government policy.

Warning of “unexpected and undesirable outcomes” for Australia’s billion dollar energy market, including predicted rises in coal generation costs, key Gillard energy advisor John Pierce this week warned of its long and medium-term downsides at a major World Forum on Energy Regulation in Canada.

Mr Pierce said it posed “a major challenge” to continuing investment in our billion dollar energy sector, skewed potential alternative energy development and saddled Australia’s energy future with damaging “market uncertainty.”

Mr Pierce also hinted at the Federal Government’s own internal brawling about the Carbon Tax which he said gave it an “uncertain” political future.

“Perhaps one of the most signific ant uncertainties is the potential for the policy itself to be suspended or substantially altered,” he told forum delegates, alluding to brawling within Labor ranks.

Queensland’s Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle said the admission validated the LNP’s opposition to the carbon tax.

“Mr Pierce has the guts to speak the political truth. His criticism is a damning indictment of Labor’s lies to the Australian people about carbon tax. It says a lot about their methods that one of their top advisors had to go offshore to tell the truth: the carbon tax is a ticking time bomb buried in Australia’s economy,” Mr McArdle said.

“Labor is dangerous even in retreat, inflicting damage on future generations of Australian consumers through this economic vandalism for years to come.

“John Pierce deserves a prize for telling the truth. Here is an internationally-recognized expert warning that the Carbon Tax is an economic killer. The Gillard government wi ll probably vilify him, having failed to muzzle him.

“I propose we offer him political asylum up in Queensland. We just got rid of Labor’s economic vandals up here, their lies and cover ups. Australians deserve the truth. “

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