De Brenni the bully on a witch hunt

• Mick de Brenni more interested in talking down crisis accommodation support sector than protecting at-risk families
• Minister shamefully scapegoats crisis accommodation providers from Currumbin to the Cape and from Bundaberg to Brisbane
• Minister fails to explain what he is doing to redress the critical shortage of crisis accommodation on the Gold Coast

In attacking the Gold Coast’s struggling crisis accommodation support sector today, Labor Minister Mick de Brenni was more interested in smearing their good work than protecting at-risk mothers and children.

LNP Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Ros Bates said in his extraordinary attack, the Minister failed to answer the key question: What was he doing to redress the critical shortage of crisis accommodation on the Gold Coast?

“These so-called pop-up shelters are a direct result of his failure to deliver what’s needed, right here, right now as we head to Christmas,” Ms Bates said.

“His own Department’s records clearly show the gravity of the situation with more than 340 people on the waiting list for emergency housing, many absolutely desperate to escape violent domestic situations.”

Ms Bates said the Minister was shamefully attempting to scapegoat the likes of My Friends’ Place, when all they were doing was responding to the enormous need for services on the Gold Coast.

“It now seems everyone is in on de Brenni’s hit list from Currumbin to the Cape and from Bundaberg to Brisbane,” she said.

“The Minister and indeed the Premier should be thanking these groups rather than trying to run them out of town with unfair and inflammatory statements smearing their operations.

“Minister de Brenni is clearing trying to cover for his own failures and those of his Ministerial colleague Shannon Fentiman, whose management of child safety has been nothing short of disastrous.”

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