Don’t wait until it’s too late – get ready now


I urge the local community to get ready for this summer’s forces of nature in the lead up to the storm season.

On any given day, we could be faced with the threat of storm or even bushfires but it’s ultimately up to us how we weather the storm and prepare ourselves.

It’s up to everyone to ensure nobody is caught off guard by preparing our homes and families so emergency crews can be directed where they will do the most good.

Far too often people who have left it too late to get ready rely on the SES for help. By preparing ourselves better before disaster hits, we can help take the strain off the SES.

Get Ready Queensland Week is being held on 8 – 15 October and now is the time to go to to see what steps you need to take to be prepared.

This program will help you get ready to handle whatever nature throws at us.  Your preparedness will make you more resilient, mitigate the risks and damage to your property as well as assisting you to bounce back from any natural disaster.

Whilst we can’t control the weather, residents can control their preparedness now, which will save a lot of the heartache as a direct result of storm damage.

Remember it is not the right time to prepare for a storm when you are in the middle of one.