Energy rationing plan sees Labor hit new energy low

  • Labor hit new low with Queenslanders facing energy rationing
  • Labor admits Queensland could face South Australia-like blackouts because of reckless rush to renewables
  • All we hear from Labor when it comes to energy is fear and smear… because they have no idea

The Palaszczuk Government has hit a new low by asking Queenslanders to ration their energy use and keep their air-conditioning at 26 degrees – simply to prop up Labor’s headlong rush to renewable energy.

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls said Queenslanders simply wanted a reliable, accessible energy source when they needed it most.

“The lights are clearly off at Queensland Labor when it comes to energy,” Mr Nicholls said.

“What has it come to when the Palaszczuk Government is telling Queenslanders to ration their electricity use and set their air conditioning to 26 degrees?

“Instead of making sure there is sufficient power supply, Labor have started pointing the finger at Queenslanders and telling them they need to do more.

“There is not a family or business in Queensland who isn’t already doing what they can to conserve power because of the Palaszczuk Government’s record high power prices and secret energy tax.

“Can you imagine Christmas morning with the family gathered around the dinner table praying someone doesn’t flick the switch off to ration power?

“Raw turkeys, a green pool and sheets soaked with sweat isn’t an energy plan.”

Mr Nicholls said it was all pain and no gain every time Labor talked about electricity.

“The facts speak for themselves when it comes to the exorbitant power price legacy of this Labor government,” Mr Nicholls said.

“Queenslanders are paying the highest power prices ever, and being secretly taxed by stealth under this do-nothing Labor government.

“This uncertainty is all because of their reckless rush to renewable energy.

“Labor has now admitted we could face similar blackouts to South Australia because of their reckless rush to renewables – while they abandon stable power sources.

“When it comes to energy at the upcoming state election, all we’re going to hear from Labor is fear and smear … because they have no idea.

“If Labor are re-elected, we will have another term of soaring power prices, unreliable power and reckless policies which will leave Queenslanders in the dark.”

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