Failure to deliver water price plan will cost jobs

Tuesday 5 May, 2020

Today’s announcement on irrigation water pricing is more about the upcoming state election than helping farmers in the long-term, the LNP has warned.

LNP Shadow Minister for Natural Resources Dale Last said farmers were already paying too much for water and needed a long-term solution to give them a viable and secure future.

“This announcement fails to address the larger structural issues that affect water pricing in Queensland,” Mr Last said.

“Farmers are already paying too much for water and kicking the issue into the long grass will only continue the pain for another year.

“It’s clear that Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Water Minister are not listening to the concerns of irrigators.

“Labor has no plan for affordable water for our farmers, which means no plans for jobs and no support for our agriculture industry.

“Water ensures our supermarket shelves are stocked with food and products we need.

“We need to ensure water remains affordable for Queensland businesses, including farmers.

“Putting more money in the pockets of farmers at this critical time means they have more money to keep local jobs.

“The LNP understands that affordable water and electricity for farmers creates jobs in rural and regional Queensland.

“Sadly, Labor has failed to deliver affordable water and this announcement will cost future investment and regional jobs, particularly in the agricultural supply chain.”

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