Fire Protection a Critical Concern

The rapid growth of Highfields is good for our region. With new families and businesses arriving daily, ensuring appropriate emergency service coverage should be a government’s top priority. In this regard, fire protection presents a critical concern, after listening to the community this is one area that currently leaves many residents feeling let down.

Our community appreciate the tireless efforts of the Highfields auxiliary fire team over many years, but concerns linger regarding the suitability of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) infrastructure. For years, Highfields residents have paid the A-Class fire levy, the highest tier available, trusting it would
guarantee a corresponding level of coverage. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

In 2020, during the election campaign, the Government committed to increasing the QFES coverage in Highfields and surrounds. We envisioned a station staffed and operational five days a week, offering peace of mind to our growing community. Yet, four years have passed, filled with countless reassurances but little in the way of tangible progress.

Recently, a proposal for a temporary 3x3m structure emerged, a solution estimated to cost roughly $400,000 and attached to the soon-to-be-demolished existing building. This temporary measure is insufficient and expensive. This additional structure does not bring the existing infrastructure up to QFES standards.

The Labor Government now needs to provide Highfields families with a stable and secure, permanent fire station, fully compliant with QFES regulations and staffed to provide the A-Class service residents have been paying for. The residents of Highfields understand that fire safety is a priority for their community and promises made, should be promises kept.

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Until next time, Trevor