French-owned dairy axes Queensland jobs

Wednesday 5 February, 2020

LNP Shadow Agriculture Minister Tony Perrett has condemned the decision of the French-owned food giant Lactalis to close down its Rockhampton factory and scale back  production at its South Brisbane site.

“Lactalis is the foreign-owned company that was awarded a contract to supply Queensland Health hospitals over Maleny Dairies,” Mr Perrett said.

“The foreign company that the Palaszczuk Labor Government backed over a Queensland-owned business is now cutting and running from this state.

“Lactalis is putting the profits of its foreign owners ahead of the jobs of Queensland workers and dairy farmers.

“This is massive blow to Queensland’s dairy industry and means more milk and dairy products from other states and overseas will be sold in our state.

“It’s a massive blow to the credibility of Labor’s Buy Queensland policy too.

“This morning the LNP tabled a motion in Parliament demanding that Labor review its decision to snub Maleny Dairies over Lactalis and award at least part of the contract to a Queensland-owned business.

“It is now more important than ever than Labor reviews this flawed contract decision and back a Queensland-owned business that backs local jobs.”

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