Let’s Give Small and Family Businesses a Future

The LNP is calling on the Treasurer to swallow his pride and send urgent help to small and family businesses after an industry survey revealed the devastating loss of investment and confidence.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland survey released today revealed 41% of business owners have been forced to dip into their personal savings to keep their business afloat.

The average contribution was $111,113 and the median $40,000.

“A one-off payment of $5,000 which only a third of businesses can even apply for isn’t going to cut it,” Shadow Treasurer David Janetzki said.

“The State Government’s attempt at a lockdown package barely scratches the surface of anything resembling genuine, well-planned support.

“We have repeatedly put forward suggestions for a stronger lockdown support package including faster and easier access to payments and a sliding scale for different-sized businesses.

“The short-sighted Treasurer failed to allocate funds in the budget for a lockdown and now small and family businesses are drowning in debt.

“Many Queensland businesses will not survive.”

“It’s a sad day when Queensland small and family businesses can’t see a future to invest in,” Shadow Minister for Small and Family Business Brent Mickelberg said.

“We’ve heard from heartbroken business owners who are banking on their tax return just to keep them from going under.

“Small and family businesses are going broke and need urgent support for the sake of their finances and general wellbeing.

“The Treasurer cannot ignore them any longer.

“They need certainty and clearer messaging from the State Government to trust that there is a way out of this pandemic.”

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