Government Crime Report Tells Grim Crime Story

A damning new crime report has revealed crime rates in Toowoomba have surged in the last financial year.

The Queensland Treasury Crime Report shows the total number of offences in the region grew by 9 per cent with an alarming 18,452 crimes recorded in the 2021-22 financial year.

The report reveals the number of stolen cars rose by 75 per cent compared to the previous year, with 818 reported, while the number of unlawful entries rose by 60 per cent to 1,876.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the Crime Report showed the consequences of Labor’s soft on crime approach. 

“The explosion in crime in Toowoomba is deeply alarming and confirms what local residents have long known,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“It’s clear Labor’s weak laws and cuts to police have fuelled a crime epidemic that’s causing chaos in our communities.

“Each one of these numbers represents a Queenslander who has lost their car or had their home broken into and will now pay for a new vehicle or higher insurance premiums.

“We have clear solutions on the table including creating consequences for actions, unshackling the judiciary by removing detention as a last resort, and gold-standard early intervention.”

The Member for Toowoomba North believes the continued state of crime in Toowoomba is beyond a joke, with young thugs running rampant.

“This is outrageous, locals are beyond the point of feeling safe in their homes.

“People are waking up during the night to criminals not only in their houses but in their bedrooms. 

“Almost every day, and sometimes multiple times a day, victims are posting on social media about stolen cars and break-ins. The criminals are doing it for nothing more than social media recognition.

“For eight years we have listened to this State Labor Government spruik their ‘record police budget’, well it is obvious this money is not being spent in the right places.”

Shadow Police Minister Dale Last said the figures prove our hardworking police in Toowoomba need more support.

“These figures don’t lie,” Mr Last said.

“Our hardworking police are doing all they can to combat crime but they’re being forced to do it with fewer officers on the ground.

“This makes no sense in the midst of a crime crisis.

“The Palaszczuk Government must increase police resources in the city of Toowoomba and make this community safe again.”

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