Government savings written in black and white

The Newman Government will save millions of dollars from its annual printing budget as it begins implementing recommendations from its comprehensive ICT audit.

Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts Ros Bates said that the first changes coming out of the audit involved the whole-of-Government printing policy.

“We’re currently undertaking Queensland’s most comprehensive audit of ICT systems and operations and it was clear that savings up to 30 per cent could be made to printing and copying,” Ms Bates said.

“In the first phase, all departments have been requested to implement simple yet effective initiatives which will reduce the Government’s spending on printing and copying.

“We will be looking to make cost and environmental savings in three main areas: the paper used to print, the ink and toner and the energy used to power the devices.

“This is expected to save taxpayers about $1.8 million per year.”
< br>Ms Bates said a senior level officer in each department would be assigned to manage and coordinate print services, including budget and consolidating print-related purchases.

“Settings on all print devices will also be optimised to reduce the use of energy and consumables,” she said.

“All machines will be set to print in black and white, double-sided at draft quality and colour printing will be only used where necessary.

“All print devices will also have settings enabled for energy saving/sleep modes when they are not in use.

“These are the first changes to come out of the ICT audit and we expect to see many more, resulting in millions of dollars more in savings for taxpayers.

Ms Bates said that the Newman Government was committed to cutting waste, ensuring taxpayers’ money was used wisely and paying down the massive debt left behind by Labor.

“Money that is saved through initiatives like this can be reinvested to revitalise frontline services, such as hospitals, police and education and the ICT systems that support them.”

The Queensland Government ICT audit, which is identifying savings, highlighting areas of concern and recognising success stories, is due to produce its final report in December 2012.