Government’s failure to release the Mason Lee report

Statement from Shadow Child Safety Minister Ros Bates discussing the Government’s failure to release the Mason Lee report.

No words can describe Labor’s shameful acts of secrecy around the reviews into child safety’s handling of Mason Jet Lee before his tragic death.

Seven months have passed since the young toddler’s death and Queenslanders are no closer to learning the truth about how the system failed to protect this little boy.

After promising to release the external panel review into the case by January, Labor’s Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman has gone missing on the issue. We’re now in February and there is still no sign of the report.

A secretive statement from the Family and Child Commission on the last day of January that was sent privately to advocacy groups confirms Queenslanders will now be left waiting for answers until at least March.

Once again Labor’s embattled Minister has lied to the media and she lied to the people of Queensland who just want answers.

It’s time Shannon Fentiman came clean and released both the internal systems review and the external panel analysis of the matter.

Any further delay only further confirms they are hiding something and that the system truly did fail Mason Lee.

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