Health funding fails to fix Labor’s poor health record

Labor’s so-called record health budget will do nothing to fix Queensland’s Health Crisis.

The Health Budget will increase by just 2% which is only a fraction above the 1.75% of CPI.

Currently, 40% of ambulances in Queensland are ramped and 55,000 Queenslanders sit on
elective surgery waitlist.

220,000 Queenslanders are on waiting lists to get on that wait list.

Unfortunately, there is no new money in the budget that will fix Labor’s current health “record.”

“This is not about a record health budget, this is about the government’s health record and
another example of how Labor’s losing control of the health system,” Shadow Health Minister
Ros Bates said.

“There is nothing tangible in this budget to fix Queensland’s Health Crisis.”

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve travelled across the state and heard harrowing stories from
honest Queenslanders who’ve been let down by the system.”

“This budget will do nothing to alleviate the crisis facing our hospitals and health services.”

State News

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