Health Minister skips a beat, Urgent Concerns Raised Over Toowoomba Hospital Heart Services

Significant urgent concerns have emerged regarding cardiology services at Toowoomba Hospital following the response to Parliamentary Question on Notice No. 527

Labor’s Health Minister Shannon Fentiman omitted crucial cardiology data from mid-2023 to April 2024, raising serious alarm.  

Constituents report being transferred to Brisbane, even gowned up, for cardiac operations only to be sent back without treatment.  

This service gap highlights the urgent need for improved local healthcare facilities and staffing. As one of the leading causes of death in our region, the lack of adequate cardiology services funding in Toowoomba is a critical issue, with several patients and allied health support services voicing their frustrations. 

With the State Budget approaching we MUST see the Toowoomba University Hospital redevelopment equipped to meet the community’s needs now and well into the future.   As your strong local voice, I will continue to listen to residents and ensure robust and reliable heart services that we need and deserve are available in Toowoomba to service not only our region but all of South-West Queensland.

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