Helping hand for new businesses

Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games
The Honourable Jann Stuckey

Helping hand for new businesses

The Newman Government is delivering on its commitment to assist Queensland businesses, with PlanSMART kits now available online.

Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, Jann Stuckey, said PlanSMART offers a wealth of information to help businesses succeed.

“PlanSMART provides the tools to make effective business decisions,” Ms Stuckey said.

“People can work out projected income and expenses and identify key success factors and growth opportunities.

“This innovative kit includes details about local demographics, possible competitors and suppliers, target markets and the current state of the industry.

“Queenslanders considering an investment in business can evaluate the industry landscape, develop credible business plans and avoid pitfalls.”

Ms Stuckey said the PlanSMART kits provide thousands of dollars’ worth of assistance, at a minimal fee.

“Queenslanders will only have to pay $44 to access up to $3,500 worth of useful industry information and specific data tailored to their industry and region,” she said.

“The Newman Government promised to create opportunities for businesses. Initiatives like PlanSMART will make businesses more efficient and aware, helping us to grow the sector, deliver jobs and bolster the Queensland economy.

“We have vowed to cut suffocating red tape by 20 per cent. We will reach our target of 4 per cent unemployment in six years by streamlining processes and tackling costs.

“Online PlanSMART will be easier and faster for businesses, and it will also save the government many man hours and thousands of dollars in printing costs.”

Businesses wanting to order the online kits can go to:

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