Homeless for a night sleep out!


On August 1st I will be going homeless for a night, joining community members on the streets to help raise awareness of homelessness and help raise $100,000 for the Basement Soup Kitchen.

The Basement Soup Kitchen is vital for those doing it tough in Toowoomba, as it is often the only meal that person will eat for the day and the only place where they are able to connect and feel accepted.

Sadly between 400-600 people are homeless in Toowoomba on any given night, with 1 in 200 people homeless Australia wide.

Being homeless for a night is a humbling experience and it inspires me to help the many people living on our streets.

Homelessness is a growing problem in Toowoomba and services across the region are often overwhelmed and under resourced to provide the necessary services to people who are homeless in the community leaving them with no alternative but to turn people in need away.

This is the reason why I am raising funds in support of the Basement Soup Kitchen, so that they do not need to turn anyone away now or in the future.

As far as I’m concerned it is unacceptable to have people reduced to living on the streets or in their cars or forced into overcrowded or unsafe conditions just to have a roof over their head.

To donate please go to https://homelessforaweek.com.au/: and click on the participant page Trevor Watts MP to help me, help the homeless.