Millions of taxpayer dollars are down the drain as Palaszczuk Government pays empty hotels

The State Government has horribly misled Queenslanders.

At Wellcamp, the State Government told Queenslanders its hotel quarantine program was over.

Today, the Deputy Premier has been forced to admit since the 5th of February the State Government has spent more than $26 million of taxpayers’ money on a secret hotel quarantine program.

It’s been revealed most of these hotel rooms are empty.

This eye-watering amount of taxpayers’ money is being wasted at a time the Wellcamp facility remains largely unused.

This is a 26 million dollar dodgy debacle.

This is costing $500,000 a day.

We could be buying an extra two ambulances every day with this money.

Queenslanders have been blatantly misled by a government that cares more about how things look than how things really are.

We still don’t know how much the State Government spent on the Wellcamp facility and now we learn hotel quarantine never ended.

The Palaszczuk Government is now increasingly quarantining the truth and treating taxpayers’ money as a play thing.

Queenslanders deserve so much better than this.

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