Housing tenants get free pass under de Brenni

Minister de Brenni continues to ride roughshod over housing sector
• Labor to give anti-social public housing tenants a free pass
• Queensland housing sector in chaos with Labor divided on key public housing policy

Labor’s Housing Minister Mick de Brenni is bringing a whole new level of red tape to managing unruly public housing tenants to achieve virtually nothing.

Shadow Housing Minister Stephen Bennett said the Minister had instigated an added layer of bureaucracy in the form of Labor’s tenancy management plan.

He said Labor’s outcome was almost identical to the LNP’s far simpler “three-strike” policy.

“The latest figures* released by Minister de Brenni prove only one thing – he is an expert at adding red tape and bureaucratic procedure to common sense,” Mr Bennett said.

“Minister de Brenni attempts to make a virtue out of an obvious necessity to redress poor and damaging behaviour in public housing that costs Queensland taxpayers a fortune.

“But his own figures prove he is wasting everyone’s time, including his own.”

Mr Bennett said Minister de Brenni had scrapped the LNP’s popular “three-strike” policy and essentially added another warning process before finally evicting chronically anti-social and criminal tenants.

“Complaints of anti-social behavior are rising and damage to public housing costs taxpayers about $7 million a year,” he said.

“All Minister de Brenni is doing is inserting another warning process in his tenancy management plan because total evictions under Labor remains on par with what happened under the LNP.”

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