Labor must release Griffin report

Almost a month after health processes failed so badly causing the lockdown of millions of Queenslanders, we still don’t have any answers.

The Health Minister should today be answering questions at Estimates Hearings as to how an unvaccinated hospital receptionist working in a COVID-19 ward contracted the virus and travelled across the state while infectious, causing the lockdown of millions of Queenslanders.

The LNP asked for an additional day at Estimates to question the Minister about the breach and the Queensland health crisis.

She rejected the request and instead is running for cover and refusing to release the Griffin Report into the hospital and quarantine breaches until a day after Estimates Hearings have concluded.

“We repeatedly called for the report to be released in time for health protocols to be put under scrutiny in Estimate Hearings,” Shadow Minister for Health Ros Bates said.

“We requested that today be an extra day of Estimates dedicated to health, but that was also refused.

“The fact information is being withheld shows how much the state government does not care about transparency or fixing the escalating health crisis.

“This is a classic cover-up by Health Minister Yvette D’Ath and her government.

“They are losing control of the health system and are too scared to face the facts.

“The only way to strengthen health protocols to prevent a future breach is to be transparent and to learn from past mistakes.”

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