It’s White Ribbon Day!

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, also known as White Ribbon Day
Many of you may ask “What is primary prevention? Why is it important? Why doesn’t White Ribbon support women and children experiencing violence and abuse?”

A: White Ribbon Australia’s focus is primary prevention – stopping violence before it occurs, by challenging the deeply ingrained attitudes, social norms and power inequalities that give rise to men’s violence against women and gender inequality.
Primary prevention does not involve providing services directly supporting women and their children escaping violence and abuse. Primary prevention action works to change attitudes and behaviours that results in disrespect, abuse and violence against women. Prevention action aims to stop the likelihood of men and boys using violence against women and girls. Primary prevention addresses the root causes of violence.
Through education, awareness raising and creative campaigns, preventative programs, partnerships and political advocacy, White Ribbon Australia highlights the positive role men can play to stop violence against women and enables them to be part of this social change.
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Callide Scandal lays at Labor’s feet

At the end of the day, the Callide scandal lays squarely at Labor’s feet.
CS Energy couldn’t do the maintenance required because Labor’s Ministers blocked the money to do it.

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