‘Jobs for the boys’ as Labor mate gets early Christmas present

• Palaszczuk hands former Labor Minister Paul Lucas early Christmas present with plush job
• Palaszczuk again breaks an election promise this time for ‘merit-based selections’
• Health payroll ghost of Christmas past resurrected
• Labor needs to put Queenslanders ahead of Labor mates

Less than 10 days from Christmas, the Palaszczuk Government has handed former Labor Minister Paul Lucas an early present with a plumb position on the board of Powerlink.

Mr Hart said the sneaky appointment as the year winds to a close flies in the face of the Palaszczuk Government’s mantra of ‘merit-based selections’ for high level positions.

“It’s a clear case of ‘jobs for the boys’ from the Palaszczuk Government if they appoint a former Labor Minister to the board of Powerlink,” Mr Hart said.

“Paul Lucas oversaw the Queensland Health payroll disaster yet Annastacia Palaszczuk has secretly resurrected this Labor dud less than two weeks before Christmas.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk has again broken her election promise to lead a government that is accountable and transparent to the people of Queensland.

“This plumb appointment comes weeks after former Labor President Dick Williams and another former Minister Robert Schwarten were appointed to the Queensland Building and Construction board.

“The LNP want an accountable and transparent merit-based recruitment for this all government positions rather than Annastacia Palaszczuk looking after her Labor mates.

“It’s time Labor started putting the interests of Queenslanders ahead of the interests of their party deals and factional bickering.

“Hard-working, everyday Queenslanders deserve better than a Government that looks after their own former failed politicians instead of the interests of the state.”

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