Join the Drive to Save Lives

Join the Drive to Save Lives is a unique road safety initiative. It’s about people coming together to make a real difference. There’s always been a genuine desire in the community to get involved. Now you can.

There are many ways you can Join the Drive to Save Lives. To start, you can make a difference every time you get into your car, by driving safely and obeying the road rules. To learn more go to

There are 5 ways to make a difference
• Talk to your teenager – by ensuring your teens learn safe driving behaviours can be the difference between life and death
• Don’t let your mates drink and drive – offer them your Mates Motel
• Create a safer in-car behaviour – a simple change can have a dramatic effect on your in-car behaviours.
• Buy the safest car you can afford – the handy guide will help you find the safest used cars for your budget.
• Get your road safety idea funded – you can make a real difference by applying for a share in $50K to make your road safety idea a reality.

You can also have your say on road safety and help spread the word. Join the community on Facebook, or make a difference in your local community by applying for one of the road safety grants.

The more people that get on board, the safer our roads will be. Together, we can make a real difference for our friends, family and loved ones.

The Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2015-17, has committed to a vision of zero road deaths and serious injuries. This ambitious vision will only be possible if everyone in our community plays their part. We cannot do this alone – it is only by working together that we can reduce the burden of road trauma on our communities.