Jumpy Labor’s Chaos and Crisis

For the third time this week, the LNP has proven they are doing more governing from Opposition than the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

On three occasions the LNP have led the way forward for Queensland, but on every occasion the jumpy Labor Government have tripped over themselves in their desperation to protect their image.

The chaos and crisis of the Palaszczuk Labor Government has been on full display.

Having listened to industry, this morning the LNP Opposition made the reasonable request for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to delay building code changes that risk exacerbating the Queensland Housing Crisis.

When Labor hastily reacted, what Queenslanders got was a chaotic announcement about a policy shift, that has left industry more confused and uncertain than they were this morning.

Having listened to the local community of the Far North, the LNP Opposition have been demanding the Palaszczuk Labor Government launch a full independent inquiry into the falling health services in the Cape and Torres Strait.

When Labor reacted, what Queenslanders got was another re-branded inside job that ignores the community’s calls for help as they now sit sidelined by the Health Minister.

On the weekend the LNP Opposition outlined their plans to reform the out-of-home Residential Care system in Queensland.

When Labor reacted, what Queenslanders got was an insincere review that will see the Minister’s department investigate itself.

Now more than ever, Queenslanders need calm and stable leadership and all they are getting is Labor’s chaos and crisis.  

The shine of Premier Palaszczuk ‘side-shuffle’ has well and truly worn off and Queenslanders know it’s still the same old clowns around the same Cabinet table, making the same bad decisions.

Under Labor all Queenslanders are getting is chaos and crisis.  

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